Boulder Burgundy Festival is a Boulder, Colorado treasure

Boulder Burgundy Fest Delivers Top Wine, Producers to Boulder

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Inspiration struck Brett Zimmerman shortly after he bought Boulder Wine Merchant nine years ago. When it comes to wines from Burgundy, thought Zimmerman, Colorado gets stiffed. Winemakers in Burgundy are mostly small producers. Together, they make only 3 percent of France’s wines. Most of the bottles they put aside for the United States market ends… Read More

Burgundy Freaks Celebrate Beaujolais

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The Burgundy farmers began harvesting grapes more than a month ago. Then winemakers tossed the plum-colored fruit into large, covered stainless-steel fermentation vessels and filled them with carbon dioxide.  The approach, called carbonic maceration, encourages the juice to ferment within the skins; the result, a fruity wine without much in the way of grippy tannins… Read More