D.J. Riemer from Grove Street Alchemy zesting oranges for his orange liqueur in Longmont, CO

Orange Liqueur Inspiration Behind Grove Street Alchemy

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Citrus flows through the veins of bar pros. Lemon twists and Tom Collins. Lime wedges and Margaritas. And oranges, the fruit responsible for some measure of the gorgeousness of a well-crafted Old Fashioned. At this point, I think it’s fair to suspect that barman and Old Fashioned-lover D.J. Riemer bleeds orange, although not blood orange.… Read More

The Best Orange Liqueur You’ll Ever Taste is Made in Longmont

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On the one hand, you might wonder: Don’t we already have enough orange liqueurs? Cointreau. Grand Marnier. A wilderness of triple secs. But then, consider whiskey, and maybe begin whispering pretty names: Balvenie, Catoctin Creek, Four Roses…hours of incantation later, you’re still only at Karuizawa. Now you think: We need more orange liqueurs. Well, there’s good news. The… Read More