A bottle of Falanghina and a bottle of Vermentino on a butcher block in Boulder, Colorado

Falanghina and Vermentino

I bought a few pounds of swordfish for the small dinner party. Annie made a dish with artichoke hearts and potatoes from a favorite cookbook, My Calabria. We prepared a variety of Italian nibbles (like fire-roasted olives with lemon zest and pepper flakes, inspired from a dish at Babette’s Pizza & Pane). And I understood… Read More

Les Clos de Paulilles Delivers Laughs

The trip to the seaside town of Collioure in Roussillon, just across the border from Catalunya, was not especially eventful — a fair bit of driving from our base in Girona, Spain, with my rental car’s English guide steadily commanding me to “take the second exit in the roundabout”; a ramble through the hilly, cobblestoned… Read More